Friday, May 15, 2009

Capt Marty wins Ericsson 4 VOR jacket

Good news for AsianYachting subscribers on the day after Ericsson 4's arrived in Rio, Torben Grael drew Capt Marty's name first out of the hat to win an Ericsson Racing Team - Helly Hansen wet weather jacket. This was an on line competition to vote for crew members date and time predictions for when they expected to round Cape Horn on Leg 5 of the VOR. As Ryan Godfrey's date (March 17 @ 1200GMT) was the latest of all and as the going was very slow we selected him for our Cape Horn bet, and wallah first of three winners to come out of the hat. We have already received the autographed photo (See Photo) of this memorable occasion and will post photos when we receive the jacket. Thanks to Torben and all the crew for allowing us to share the experience, be it from behind a computer desk but we will always treasure the memories. Browse the May 09 News & Views web edition with photos at: